Artist Biography

I am so inspired about the story of Ruth in the Bible, that I started to paint under the Original Art Copyright signature ©Rut and later expanded my full range under ©RutCreations.
- Riëtte Delport

©Rut Art portrays intimate portraits that speak, inspire and comfort. The Artist Riëtte Delport resides in the picturesque town of MosselBay about 400km to the east of Cape Town, South Africa. Riëtte draws her inspiration for creating each piece of art from the story of Ruth (Rut in Afrikaans) in the Bible. Ruth was an impeccable woman – loving, kind and full of compassion towards everyone surrounding her. Ruth was loyal and she most of all loved God dearly.

Riëtte paints her pieces with the absence of facial features hoping that each person would see something of themselves in the piece. It is with your interpretation that makes each piece of art unique and personal.To add to her repertoire she recently also started to add figures with facial features in her original paintings and has also been commissioned to do detailed self portraits on canvas panels in oil paint for clients.


©Rut draws her inspiration from God, her amazing husband and two wonderful children. She enjoys working on many different types of mediums which includes clay, wood portraits and recently she started painting on furniture. When she is not painting she spends her time with her family, enjoys reading and plays the cello.


Exhibition Gallery
Find my walk-in gallery at the Yellow Door in Mossel Bay, on the Corner of Bland and Field Street, where I present my full range. 
I thank God every day for this wonderful talent and the opportunity to be able to express myself freely. This gift is something I love and I could not imagine myself doing anything else! Prior to exploring my passion fulltime, I was a kindergarten teacher for 6 years while studying Educare part-time."


The Yellow Door Gallery and Coffee Shop, in the heart of Mossel Bay, houses the inspiring artist, Ruth’s (Riëtte Delport), paintings.This historic building was built in 1888 and used as a warehouse. In 1918 it was transformed into an isolation hospital for the dreaded flu epidemic that hit the country that year. Miraculously all those who were hospitalized and treated there, were able to survive the disease.

The rich history accompanied by Ruth's art is a breathtaking experience. Large open spaces compliments Ruth's handiwork with décor and furniture. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Ruth's passion is to make a difference in people by recovering and healing with each brushstroke and communicative thought-writing. She sees every moment as a valuable opportunity to create, whether it be by her art or the infectious love she has for her family and friends. Her creative heart echoes for others.



More about my full range 
There is such a fine balance between following your heart, and becoming a slave to commerce. I try to stay grounded and find inspiration from a deep place of love. I mostly create original ©Rut paintings on stretched canvas, but I love to work on different mediums.

Only after these originals are sold, it's then developed into functional art, home decor or accessories; and with the freedom across borders which the internet brings into the mix, I am now able to take my creations to people around the world!

Please support my online gallery by shopping and sharing the link on social media. Keep an eye out for the next event or public appearance, and please keep sending me photographs of my art in your homes... I love to hear from you!


I recently added diaries, deskplanners and quite a few new ©RutCreations as well – please browse through the categories. All my latest and current work is posted daily on my Facebook page if you would like to follow me there –



Riette Delport
Artist & Designer © RutCreations

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