Frequently Asked Questions

May I copy a print for myself once I purchased a print from the gallery?

Afraid not. We ask that you respect the Artist and her work. No copies or reproductions are allowed in any form. Please read our full Copyright Notice if you have more questions in this regard. You are welcome to purchase Prints from the Online Gallery.

Can I request a commission art-piece?

Yes you can. Please keep in mind the artist will use her own interpretation of the request, and to discuss any details you will need to contact her directly.

Can I link ©RutCreations Online Gallery to my own website or FaceBook page?

We do not prohibit you from linking to our gallery on social media or the internet, but we do however require that you direct such instances via written approval request so that we may note and monitor the content associated with the gallery. We value our reputation and the integrity of the artist. Your full co-operation is assumed and appreciated.